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A wide range of books written and edited by Jacki Pritchard.

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BK1 - Good Practice in Promoting Recovery and Healing for Abused Adults
Therapeutic support offered to victims of abuse whether experienced in childhood or in adulthood is ..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK2 - Recording Skills in Safeguarding Adults
Poor record keeping within safeguarding adults work can have serious consequences – cases may not ge..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK3 - Good Practice in Safeguarding Adults
The book aims to broaden thinking about adult abuse, assesses alternative models of practice such as..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK4 - Good Practice in the Law and Safeguarding Adults
Good Practice in the Law and Safeguarding Adults provides an up-to-date summary of developments in t..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK5 - Good Practice with Vulnerable Adults
This is a practical and trans-disciplinary guide for professionals working with vulnerable adults, w..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK6 - Elder Abuse Work
The abuse, neglect and exploitation of older people in community and residential care settings is in..
Ex Tax: £30.75
BK7 - Support Groups for Older People Who Have Been Abused
In this thought-provoking book, Jacki Pritchard shows how support groups for victims of elder abuse ..
Ex Tax: £16.50
BK8 - Male Victims of Elder Abuse
Older men may, like older women, be victims of abuse - yet there has been little in either research ..
Ex Tax: £16.50
BK9 - Can You Read Me?
This book presents poems, stories and journal work spontaneously written by people, young and old, w..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK10 - Good Practice in Risk Assessment and Risk Management 1
Providing a complete guide to good practice for those involved in risk assessment and management, th..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK11 - Good Practice in Risk Assessment and Risk Management 2
The companion volume to Good Practice in Risk Assessment I looks at further issues in the field of r..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK12 - Good Practice in Working with Violence
Violent crime, unlike other criminal activities, is on the increase, and is of growing media and pub..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK13 - Good Practice in Working with Victims of Violence
Drawing on the experiences of practitioners from a range of backgrounds, Good Practice in Working wi..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK14 - Good Practice in Supervision
Reviews The diversity of the contexts used to consider the issue of supervision with background and..
Ex Tax: £18.99
BK15 - Good Practice in Adult Mental Health
This text is a guide to good practice within adult mental health care, providing a comprehensive int..
Ex Tax: £18.99

Other News

In SHEFFIELD - Holiday Inn Royal Victoria Hotel, S4 7YE: 

Lone Working: Keeping BSL Interpreters Safe - Saturday 12th May 2018.

Cost: £90 (includes lunch and refreshments)
In LONDON - St Alban's Conference Centre, EC1N 7AB
1) Lone Working: Keeping BSL Interpreters Safe - Saturday 30th June 2018.
2) Forced Marriage and Honour-Based Violence - Saturday 22nd September 2018
3) Safeguarding Children for BSL Interpreters - Saturday 10th November 2018.
Cost: £108 (includes lunch and refreshments)
All courses run 09.30 to 16.30; 6 training hours for CPD.
Minute Taking for Safeguarding Meetings
(children and adults)
Wednesday 16th May 2018: 10.00 to 11.30
Fee: £36
(All fees quoted above are inclusive of VAT at 20%)
Telephone or e-mail for a course flyer, application form or to book.

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