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WAA6: The Abuse of Black and Minority Ethnic People

WAA6: The Abuse of Black and Minority Ethnic People
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Knowledge about the abuse of black and minority ethnic people is limited for a number of reasons; one being that very little research has been undertaken. However, it is known that adult abuse can happen anywhere, that is, different forms of abuse are likely to happen in all communities. Therefore, it is important to give this subject area some attention from the knowledge we have already gained.

Workers across the sectors need to consider what they would do if they suspected or found that a minority ethnic person was being abused. Through the use of seven case studies, viewers will be introduced to the different forms of abuse. Also, the case studies clearly portray the fact that it is wrong to stereotype – male and females can be victims or abusers.

Although the main objective of the DVD is to raise awareness about abuse which could happen in different minority ethnic groups, the viewer is also made aware of the Department of Health's guidance No Secrets and the importance of local policies and procedures on vulnerable adults and adult abuse. Consequently, the viewer will be taken through definitions of abuse but also taught about what constitutes good practice.

The DVD contains learning points, discussion questions and exercises.

Running Time 75mins

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"Can You Read Me: Creative Writing with Child and Adult Victims of Abuse" is the featured book of the month.
Offer price: £17.10 (P&P is FREE)

'Occupational therapists will already be familiar with the principles of group work but the book demonstrates who the use of poetry can be used to order the chaos of the thoughts of the writers and describes the practical use of journals for workers in helping victims through the healing process. The book is also littered with useful snippets of advice. It is written in an economical, plain language sensitive to the subject matter and is deceptively quick to read as you are drawn in by the emotional raw poetry and writing it contains.' (Mental Health Occupational Therapy Journal)

'The first sixty-seven pages explore the creation of the book, understanding the origins of the work it presents and seeking to analyse it. These pages, in my opinion, concretise the book's real value. In my own experience as a counsellor with survivors of abuse, writing is frequently employed as a therapeutic tool but is less frequently well-understood. The book is clear and understandable. Various exercises are handily summarised in a series of readymade handouts, which may be photocopied and reused. This would be a valuable addition to the library of anyone working, or considering work, with survivors of abuse.' (Lapidus)

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